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Cellphone Insurance

When looking at a new cellphone contract, whether it is for a relatively inexpensive phone or an expensive smartphone, we urge everyone to get cellphone insurance.

The reason for us saying this boldly is that we recently got a brand new cellphone on contract and likely we got cellphone insurance on the phone the following day, after we received the phone. A week later the phone fell and we had to replace the screen and it worked out to be quite expensive. Our amazing insurance company replaced the screen and we only had to pay in a small amount in comparison.

Since then I have converted to always have my cellphone covered by insurance, because due to the fact that you are constantly carrying your phone with you, then chances of something happening to the phone is very high. So for anyone who is still considering insurance on your phone, get it today, you will sleep much better tonight.

All the major insurance companies offer Cellphone Insurance, so you don’t have to take it out with your cellphone contract supplier. We ourselves took out insurance with the company that covers us in terms of our short term insurance needs and we just added on our new smartphone.

When looking at insurance, it is also important to revaluate your terms and premiums yearly, to make sure that you get the best insurance coverage for your money. Not only short term, but also look at life insurance and car insurance on a regular basis.

These days, there are such a variety if insurance companies out there, that you are able to get a great deal at a lower monthly premium at another company.